27.7.2013 AJ Lee and Dolph Ziggler segment (Kaitlyn attacks AJ Lee)

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Junior dos Santos moves to Nova Uniao

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Junior “Cigano” dos Santos or just Junior dos Santos is a mixed martial arts fighter from Brazil. He is also a former UFC Heavyweight champion. You will know that Sherdog has ranked him #2 for Heavyweight in the world and #1in official UFC heavyweight rankings following the champion Cain Velasquez if you follow this domain of sports. By this itself you can tell that he is an extra ordinary fighter.

The former UFC heavyweight champion decided on joining Nova Uniao, according to a Brazilian media group called Globo. This is a high profile switch that can result in a huge revenue generation for Santos. This is a huge decision that might make a huge impact.

Let me tell you that Santos was recognizedfor his Brazilian jiu-jitsu when he entered the UFC, but he never showcased it. As he said, he prefers handling his business on the feet. Ultimately, it his superlative boxing capabilities that helped him win the UFC Heavyweight title.You should see how his hands move like lightning. He definitely has good technique and fight ending power.

You should know that Dos Santos has also shown that he is adept with defensive wrestling skills. His takedown defence presently stands at 76 percent. However, his two fights against Cain Velasquez left him brutalized and exposed. As long as Velasquez holds the title, he cannot possibly win it back with what he is doing. So you can see that the move to Nova Uniao was a pretty smart decision.

The matches Dos Santos had against Velasquez exposed his weaknesses to the current champion’s ability to make things go his way. It also uncovered Velazquez’s capacity to seemingly take Dos Santos or any fighter down at his own beck and call. That is something that Dos Santos will most certainly and definitely need tofocus on with his new camp.

Sin Cara vs. Alberto Del Rio: Raw, Dec. 2, 2013

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Dolph Ziggler & Kofi Kingston vs. The Prime Time Players: WWE Superstars, Aug. 16, 2013

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Brock Lesnar attacks Kurt Angle

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Wanderlei wanted Sonnen bout at 205

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Chael Sonnen suffered the most humiliating defeat at the hands of former Ultimate Fighting Championship or the UFC’s Light Heavyweight champion Rashad Evans at UFC 167, following which, he made the announcement that it was his last match in the division and he would be returning to Middleweight for his next fight.

But the much awaited and talked about return of the American Gangster to the 185 lbs weight category has been put on hold indefinitely at least.

According to the former number one contender for both the UFC Middleweight Championship and the UFC Light Heavyweight Championship, his long awaited fight against the Axe Murderer Wanderlei Silva will take place in the 205 lbs weight category. Sonnen made the announcement in a pre-show of UFC Fight Night on FOX Sports 2 and also maintained that he had to change his stance of fighting his next fight in the Middleweight division.

And from the press brief, Sonnen advised his challenger to eat well during the holiday and enjoy it as much as he can.

Sonnen had announced in the summer that he would drop down to Middleweight once against after his match against Mauricio ‘Shogun’ Rua, but after submitting the Brazilian in August; he accepted another fight in the division against Evans.

But following that loss, he made it quite clear that he wanted to return to his former weight category but the UFC had made it clear to him that he would have to stick around at Light Heavyweight if he wanted the fight against Wanderlei Silva.

Silva also wanted the fight to take place at 205 lbs and he mentioned recently that he wanted his contender to be really strong so that he could survive more than a round against him, and added that he wants the fight at 205 lbs.